Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you provide training for someone who wants to become a lash extension specialist, or salon owners who would like to add lash extension service?

A. We certainly do.  It lasts a few hours (schedule yourself about half a day) to learn all the techniques.  Obviously you will need much longer practice hours to become a true "specialist" but it is something you can learn and perfect over time.  Training fee by itself is $300, without any products.  Training plus our Professional Kit ($350 value) is offered at $500.


Q. Do you carry (real) Mink lashes?

A. No, we don't and we never will.  Please click here to find out why.  You should also know that more than 90% of supposed "REAL MINK" hair lashes are NOT real mink hair lashes at all.  Most are synthetic fiber lashes treated with chemicals that have been made to look like one.  No b.s. marketing here.  Some companies outright call "Silk" lashes as "Mink" lashes without trying to make any proper distinction.


Q. Are your lash glues medical grade?

A. They are what we call "Professional" grade.  There's no practical use for a lash glue to be applied "medically."  Thus, we don't call our lash glues Medical Grade.  Our lash glues are all FDA compliant and have been used worldwide for years without any incidents.  They do sting a little bit, which goes away when the glue dries.  We are in process of introducing new glue that has about 85% - 90% glue adhesion effectiveness as our Maxi Power with NO smell or sting.  Stay tuned.


Q. Are lash extensions permanent?  And how long do they last?

A. No.  They're usually called semi-permanent.  And after procedure, the extended lashes usually last 4 to 8 weeks, depending on a lot of different factors.  A very small percentage of people (about 2 to 3%) - for one reason or another - don't take in the lash extension very well.  No matter what service studio they go to, lashes fall out very quickly - within a few days.  It's just the nature of the beast...


Q. What are some of those factors that determine the life of the extended lashes?

A. First is your body's natural secretion of oils, which cannot be controlled, and is the biggest enemy to the extended lashes.  Second, how well you take care of the lashes (details will be explained prior and after the procedure) matters a lot.  Third, quality of the products used is very important.  Fourth, the skillfulness of the technician is equally as important.  The third and fourth factors are obviously our responsibility and something that you - as a customer - don't have to worry about.


Q. How can I tell if the job done elsewhere is of good quality?

A. Your eyes should look good and feel comfortable - like (almost) nothing has been done to your lashes.  If lashes are put on by a person of less skill, the procedure may take well over 60 minutes.  Although it can be considered that a person is very meticulous if it takes more than 60 minutes, it does become uncomfortable for a client if procedure takes more than an hour.  Tiny glue residue that's visible on lashes is another sign of a bad procedure.


Q. What thickness lashes should I use?

A. We have 0.15mm thick, 0.20mm thick and 0.25mm thick with various lengths.  0.15mm is the closest to natural human lashes but 0.20mm is the most popular in the industry today.  0.25mm is usually preferred by our ethnic clients with thick hair but they can sometimes weigh down, especially for clients over the age of 50.  


Q. Do you have those extra fancy (feather-like) lashes that you see in certain magazines?

A. No, we don't.  They have no practical use - not even for the most outrageous parties.  By not carrying them, we keep our operating costs down and are able to offer reasonable pricing.


Q. Are there other things that we should know in general about lashes?

A. Absolutely.  Please remember that your natural lashes fall out anyway, regardless of lash extension or not, and regrow every 90 days or so.  Using lash glue (they're chemicals, after all) sometimes does cause lashes to fall out a little faster than usual but they do grow back.  We also recommend that you apply our "Coating Sealant" everyday to keep your newly extended lashes soft and moisturized - because they can get very dry, rock-hard and become uncomfortable to wear.


Q. What can I do to take care of my newly extended lashes?

We recommend that you apply our "Coating Sealant" everyday.  Its function is to moisturize the lashes and apply a very thin and mild coat of adhesive each time you apply it.  The worst thing you can do to your extended lashes is to use oil-based makeup remover.  Oil dissolves the lash glue and will cause the lashes to fall out.  Use common sense approach and you should be able to wear your lashes anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks.