About Us

Eyelash Lab is an importer and distributor of eyelash extension products.  Originally started as a beauty product retail outfit in Los Angeles area in May of 2002, it has evolved into a company that specializes in sourcing, importing and marketing of high quality and unique beauty products.

We offer only the highest quality lash extension products with low prices AND friendly customer service.  We feature J-Curl™ line of products, the best selling OEM lash product in the US.  You can find the same exact products being marketed under different labels but you won’t find better customer service.  We believe in the free-flowing nature of the web world so you don’t have to “sign up and become a member” to browse through our catalog of wide-ranging products.

And, because of our background in servicing retail clients, we KNOW customer service makes all the difference in the world.  When it comes to servicing our existing and potential clients, we at Eyelash Lab promise never to harbor an ounce of arrogance nor conceit.  You will be met with warm welcome and always be given straight answers without getting the run-around (or the “ping-pong”) treatment.

Our customer service professionals have the authority to resolve most of the service-related issues right on the spot.  And for those complex issues that cannot be taken care of by our reps will be handled usually within 24 hours.  With that said, our method of preference for communicating with our clients is by e-mail.  We have found that it is the most efficient and convenient for us and for our clients.

Thank you for visiting our website.