Eyelash Lab Max2 Special Mascara for Extended Lashes

Eyelash Lab Max2 Special Mascara for Extended Lashes


This specially formulated mascara is ideal for extended lashes. Containing almost all natural ingredients like royal jelly and herbal extracts, this boutique mascara is water-soluble and thus environmentally friendly. In addition to creating full beautiful lashes like other leading brands, this product features highest of high quality ingredients and no gunking up. Very popular in Europe and Japan. Available in 8 ml sizes.

  • Specially formulated and ideal for extended lashes as well as natural lashes
  • Completely water-soluble and environmentally friendly
  • Contains royal jelly, green tea and other herbal extracts
  • Does not require oil-based removers, worst enemy to extended lashes
  • Perfect with Eyelash Lab's Coating Sealant for Extended Lashes
  • Made in and imported from South Korea




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