Truth about "Mink" Lashes

The truth about so-called "Mink" lashes may surprise you.  We want to dispel any myths regarding these mink lashes, once and for all.  Please read carefully.

  • Overwhelming majority of "Mink" lashes in the market today is NOT mink hair.
  • The name "Mink" lashes was created as a marketing trick used by a few manufacturers and unsuspecting importers/marketers. 
  • Most "Mink" lashes in the marketplace are nothing more than 0.10mm thick synthetic lashes that are coated.

Don't get us wrong.  There are REAL mink hair lashes out there, but they are not practical because of these reasons.

  • They are prohibitively expensive.  A small case (just about the size of our bulk lash) would have to retail at about $150.  
  • Because they are real animal hair, it's very hard to control them.  It's practically impossible to have same curls and length among the lashes.
  • Look at the picture of real mink hair on the left - they are thoroughly uneven in curls and length.

So, with that, here is how you can tell if your "mink" lashes are real mink hair or specially treated synthetic hair.

  • First, just as in the picture, real mink hair lashes are uneven in curls and length.
  • Second, you can burn a few strands of mink hair.  If they're real, they should smell like "fried squid" or something to that effect.  If you smell funky chemicals coming off, then you've got problems.

Finally, most of the "mink" lashes come from China. 

We import only from South Korean manufacturer that first developed lashes for lash extension process as we know today.  They briefly produced real mink hair lashes years ago and stopped soon after because they realized the minks (source of raw material) were put under enormous cruelty.

And therein lies our two biggest problems with mink lashes - issues with animal cruelty and marketing under false pretenses.  We take them very seriously and will NEVER import real mink lashes, nor market synthetic fiber lashes as "mink" lashes.

Honesty and straight-forwardedness are two of the most important values at Eyelash Lab