What is a Sleeping Pack?

k-beauty sleeping pack

At first, I was confused by its concept.  The name itself is simple enough to understand but how do you go to sleep wearing this "pack?"  

About one minute after I put it on, I understood it.  It absorbs into skin completely after about a minute or two.  You don't have to worry about getting the stuff on your pillows or your sheets or your blankets when you toss and turn.

It's almost exactly like wearing a night cream.  Why didn't they name it as such?  Probably marketing.  But holy moly, the first thing you will notice when you open it up is its wonderful smell.  They have a warning message on the top that says, "Please don't eat."  And you will be tempted to.  It smells THAT good.  You'd actually be looking forward to putting one of these on before you go to bed.

Does it work?  Oh, yes it does.  You'll wake up with your face feeling smooth and moisturized - to the point where you'd almost not want to do anything else to it.

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