Tonic Essence
Tonic Essence
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Tonic Essence

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This tonic conditioner for eyelashes and brows promotes healthy lash growth by stimulating
blood circulation and providing nutrients to hair follicles. Made entirely of fruit, herbal and botanical
extracts, this product has shown to bring definite results after 3 weeks of consistent use, with
absolutely no side effects.
The ingredients have been rigorously tested by a leading Asian Herbal Testing Lab at a top university
in South Korea. For those who are interested and aware of the benefits of holistic (natural) approach
to body care, the ingredients in this product have traditionally been known in Asia to contain
healing and hair regeneration properties. This product is also a lot more affordable than other brands.
Please compare with other brands' products which are known to have serious side effects. Some of them
include, "causing permanent brown pigmentation around the part of the eye where [the product] is applied."

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