Protein Remover Pads
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Protein Remover Pads

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For lash extensions, regular makeup removers just isn't enough!! Prepare your lashes
for extension for best results by completely removing makeup and protein build-up on your
eyelashes and brows (if brow tinting). Unlike other makeup removers, Eyelash Lab's Protein Remover Pads
contain "Phytoncide," a naturally forming anti-bacterial compound extracted from trees.
Wikipedia explains, "In Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, people commonly engage in forest
bathing to breathe in phytoncide emitted by plants and trees to improve their health." When only
the best will do, you have to remove all protein build-up and other impurities from your
lashes so that your lash extension glue can do its proper job. Get the most adhesion power
out of your lash adhesive by using Eyelash Lab's Protein Remover Pads.

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