Product Quality Second to None

Eyelash extension as we know it now was created in Korea about 17 years ago.  We at Eyelash Lab decided to do business with one of the founding members of the Manufacturers Association, which has served us well over the years.


Unlike the lashes that come from other sources, our lashes are VERY consistent in their texture, curvature and thickness. 

We realize some companies claim that their eyelash glues are formaldehyde-free but that notion is simply impossible.  Without formaldehyde (unless it is latex-based), there is no "glue."  Nothing will stick.  Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

The FDA allows companies to state their products are "formaldehyde-free" if it is under a certain threshold but it doesn't mean the product is truly formaldehyde-free.

Of tens of different lash glues that we ourselves have tried, this is the best glue all around (mind you, it's not perfect) and we've received least amount of complaints in the 10 years we have been in business.

Not to mention the Max2 line of after-care products...  They are some of our best selling products - Coating Sealant keeps your extended lashes soft and the Mascara does not harm the lashes like other oil-based mascaras do.  

Give it a try - you will not be disappointed.